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The Rebel

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People know me as a pretty by-the-book person. I like rules and structure. I want a clear path to follow and I get immense satisfaction from checking off items on a list. In school I got straight A's and was never in trouble, and although I was an artist at heart I was advised to pick a "real" major, which I dutifully did. Nearly 20 years into my career I'm still working in the field I majored in (who does that?). And there are a lot of things to be said for having a good, stable W-2 job doing work I enjoy.

I sometimes wonder what that other path would have looked like for me....or what it could still look like. And so I recently opted to reduce my workweek and make Fridays just for my art.
Being a professional artist has zero clear structure or path. I can do literally anything I want to, and that's both terrifying and freeing. But part of me loves it. I think it's my inner rebel peeking out.

This 9"x12" original acrylic on canvas painting has 1-3/8" thick gallery wrapped edges and comes ready-to-hang with D-rings and hanging wire already installed. Edges are fully painted, so it looks great either framed or unframed.

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