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I suck at taking care of plants. Even the ones that are supposedly impossible to kill, I will find a way. So naturally I love a good fake plant. And as a former Floridian who loves bright colors and humidity (yup, I'm weird) I find myself drawn to tropical plants that are wildly impractical for my life in Colorado.

Enter my Faux Heliconia. Many years ago I was at a tiki-bar-themed holiday party. I don't remember if I won a door prize or if they were just giving away the props by the end of the night, but somehow I found myself bringing home these three plastic flowers. I was thrilled - my apartment suddenly felt tropical in December and they even coordinated with my green sofa. Later I would replace the sofa with a navy one and discover that they looked EVEN BETTER against the dark blue.

I'm happy to report these flowers are still "alive" and well 15 years later, and still bringing the tropics to my living room.

This 9"x12" original acrylic on canvas painting has 1-3/8" thick gallery wrapped edges and comes ready-to-hang with D-rings and hanging wire already installed. Edges are fully painted, so it looks great either framed or unframed.

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