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One Christmas, my sister and I each wanted a specific Barbie. (Mine: Cheerleading Courtney, Skipper's brunette friend. Hers: Western Stampin' Ken.) For unknown reasons, we came up with a scheme to buy each other the toy we wanted but also keep it a secret from our parents.

Neither of us can remember why this needed to be a secret. Was it because, being children, we needed to use our parents' money and be accompanied to the store? Was it because we were pretty sure it was borderline illegal to know what you were getting for Christmas?

Either way, the day arrived and we each opened our toy and faked shock and surprise...but we didn't have to fake the genuine excitement we felt at getting exactly what we wanted.

This 6"x8" original acrylic on canvas painting has 1-3/8" thick gallery wrapped edges and comes ready-to-hang with D-rings and hanging wire already installed. Edges are fully painted, so it looks great either framed or unframed.

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